Hello, and welcome to the Finance in a Flash blog!

If you haven’t already, check out Finance in a Flash — 2020 Edition! In this magazine-style book, you'll find everything about personal finance that you wish you had learned in school. Topics include saving for retirement, how taxes work, what’s up with health/home/auto insurance, and much more. Once finished, you'll have the tools needed to set up a bright financial future for yourself and those around you.

Perfect! Now that the sales pitch is out of the way, we can get to the place where I freely brain dump everything that’s on my mind… This blog! Here, I’ll get into my own financial journey and share anything useful I’ve found along the way. From learning how to invest to planning for vacations and a wedding, nothing is off limits!

Thanks for reading — Enjoy!

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Want to learn about all of the essentials of personal finance in one place? Check out Finance in a Flash - 2020 Edition for everything you need to know!


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