Want to level up your Personal Finance game? These 8 Excel-based tools are the perfect way to get hands on experience with managing your money. The full array of calculators currently includes the following:


  • Budget Calculator
  • General Loan Calculator
  • Student Loan Calculator
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Income Tax Calculator
  • Health Insurance Calculator
  • Car Lease Payment Calculator
  • Retirement Calculator


Each calculator comes unlocked with easy access to its code, formatting, and formulas. They are designed so that you can edit, add, and rearrange as you see fit. All the while, you will learn about one of the most powerful financial tools out there: Microsoft Excel.


Paired with each calculator, you will also find an “Exhibits” tab. Excel can be instrumental in helping you to calculate necessary financial information; however, it can also be used to effectively illustrate and share this data through its array of Table and Chart-making functionality.


*Whatever you use them for, please do so responsibly and understand that they are meant only for informational and educational purposes only. I sincerely hope that you get as much enjoyment out of using them as I did building them.

Excel Calculator Bundle

  • Zip file including all 8 Excel calculators

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